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SHARCNET Annual General Meeting 2004
The University of Waterloo
June 24, 2004

Carmen Gicante thanks keynote speaker, Dr. Russ Miller

Agenda and event details

Congratulations to this year's poster session winners!

Interactive Parallel Visualization of Large Particle Datasets and Hydrodynamic Datasets
Kevin Liang, Weiguang Guan, Patricia Monger and Hugh Couchman, McMaster Dependence of the Folding Process and

Stability on the Location of a Hydrophobic Pair in a Beta Hairpin

Hideo Imamura and Z.Y. Chen, Waterloo

Poster judge: Dr. Nils Petersen

Presentations (PDF)

Management Update

Computational and Data Grids (keynote) - Dr. Russ Miller, Director, Center for Computational Research, Buffalo

Large-scale Bioinformatics (research lecture) - Dr. Ming Li, Waterloo

Numerical methods for optimal hedging portfolios (research lecture) - Dr. Matheus Grasselli, McMaster

SHARCNET 2003-04 in review

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